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Connect, share and evolve with other ambitious current, or future leaders.

Are you a current or future leader who…

Would like to build your leadership potential to be in a bigger role in the future?

Is motivated to accelerate your self-awareness to better understand how others experience you?

Would like to experience what it is like to work with an executive coach?

Meet other smart, ambitious peers to learn from & rapidly expand your network?

Understand yourself more deeply early in your career to set yourself up for success?

Would like to know the secrets to success at the top of business?

This virtual group coaching programme has been designed specifically for Millennial and Gen Z’ers (those in their 20s and 30s) who want to move up the corporate ladder at speed. The purpose of the course is help increase your self-awareness to understand your cognitive, emotional and behavioural tendencies. This will enable you to know how other people experience you. Knowing yourself well is one of the most critical success factors for being a senior leader.

Rebecca understands this herself as in her 30s she held corporate people & culture executive and senior leadership positions in Australia, the UK and Europe. She has experienced life at the top of business at a young age and knows what it is like to want to influence and make a big difference across the organisation and community. She also has a psychology background so brings curiosity and deep people insights to the table.

She is now an experienced international executive coach and facilitator. She coaches leaders of all ages across all sectors around the global so brings a broad perspective. Rebecca is especially passionate about supporting young leaders springboard their career through developing high levels of self-awareness as this was one of the ingredients to the recipe of her own success. This course focuses on the topics that really matter and will have the greatest impact at work as it is all backed by science.

Bringing 10-16 ambitious, curious leaders together in a group facilitated by an accredited executive coach is a powerful learning experience. It creates the opportunity to connect, learn and evolve with other peers. It will enable you to rapidly expand your tribe across many sectors to broaden your perspective. Group coaching combines the benefits gained from a leadership development program (peer connection & support, specific content focus areas) and 1:1 executive coaching (setting bespoke learning goals, gaining feedback & challenge from an experienced coach over time). Take advantage of the neuropsychology, cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC), strengths-based and mindfulness techniques Rebecca applies throughout the course.

The learning experience

By the numbers

AUD $2,999


To receive your early bird discount of $150, register by 30 June 2024.


2024 cohort date

  • August

Group coaching session topics

1. Why our self-awareness matters.

We will discuss the science behind self-awareness, why it is so tricky at times and how a daily self-reflective practice supports self-knowledge. Our Strengthscope360 psychometric assessment feedback completed previously will better enable us to understand how other people experience us. This session is a great scene setter for the rest of the programme!


2. How our mindset shows up.

Our mindset and mental filter influence the way we make sense of the world around us. This session will cover how to maintain a growth mind-set through challenging times and understand what triggers you into a fixed mindset.


3. How to dial our strengths up and down.

This session is all about how you recognise and celebrate your unique combination of strengths! Learn how to dial your strengths up and down as required in the moment to maximise your ability to influence others. Better understand your strengths in overdrive as they can reduce your overall impact as a leader.


4. Better managing our stress response.

We all feel wound up at times, but prolonged stress negatively impacts our mental clarity, effectiveness and wellbeing. This session will help you understand the role your amygdala plays in the way you react unhelpfully under pressure. Learn more about your default stress tendencies of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. Lap up the practical strategies to put into place to feel calmer through the day.


5. How to process our emotions in a healthy way.

From an evolutionary perspective, emotions and feelings help us interpret our environment so we can identify threats and stay safe. Sometimes our emotions are overwhelming and can get in the way of our ability to remain calm and focused though. Learn the 3 step process on how to better regulate your emotions to increase your self-awareness and impact on others.


6. Understanding our emotional triggers.

We all have specific situations, or types of behaviours exhibited by others that press our buttons. In this session we will explore the 3 different types of emotional triggers of projection, transference and countertransference. Better understand how and why you show up in an unhelpful way at times to own your behaviour. Learn strategies on how to show up in a calmer manner to increase your ability to influence others.


7. Understanding our thinking patterns.

We all have unhelpful stories we tell ourselves that get in the way of us playing big. Better understand and reframe the stories you tell yourself. Learn the 10 different types of thinking errors and understand your vulnerability in your unhelpful internal dialogue. Lap up science based techniques on how to shift an unhelpful relationship dynamic you have with someone.


8. Reducing our people pleasing tendencies.

When we people please we disregard our internal voice and put others first to the detriment of ourself. Become clearer on where and why you play small. Consider how you can release the need to be liked by others. Give yourself permission to be your true self in both words and actions. Identify your values as your ‘north star’ to guide your leadership style.


9. Pulling it all together.

By now you will have learnt so much about yourself. The purpose of this final group coaching session is to bring all of your self-knowledge together to accelerate your impact moving forward. Look out world, here you come!


Group coaching creates a cohort of leaders who are supporting each other make changes together.

This programme also cultivates a strong group of peers to support leaders to sustain long-term behavioural change after the sessions are finished. Each open course has a range of people across different sectors and professions, therefore creating a diverse group of leaders who can challenge and learn from each other.

Other elements of the programme:

  • Group coaching sessions are delivered virtually at lunch time on a Monday in Australian timezone.
  • Pre-work enables the group coaching sessions to be focused on making meaning on the topic, personal connection, sharing learnings together and identifying tailored actions to support both cognitive and behavioural change.
  • Post work enables leaders to put into practice what they have learnt from the sessions via targeted workplace missions.
  • Peer coaching between the group sessions also supports further learning and connection to take place.

Programme registration

Register HERE for the next programme being delivered in Australia. We can also deliver this internally to your organisation.