As strategic People & Culture management consultants and Executive coaches, we support leaders to shift their mind-sets to flourish in the new world of work.

What we do

Leadership is a daily roller coaster ride. One minute you are up high above the clouds delivering positive change and the next you are on a downward slide holding on for dear life trying to juggle challenges. Rebecca rode the roller coaster for more than 15 years as a former People and Culture Executive and senior leader working throughout Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. Now she applies her lived experience by partnering and advising Executive and leadership teams to create roadmaps for purposeful organisational change. Through her coaching she enables senior leaders to step into greatness by maximising their leadership potential through effective behaviour and mindset adaption. She is also an experienced and passionate keynote speaker, facilitator and MC.

Our expertise includes:

Executive Coaching

Step into your greatness and rise to
your leadership potential by identifying
the personal barriers that may be
preventing you from playing big.

Culture and Capability Assessments

Identify the strengths of your organisation’s culture and any
dysfunctional behavioural patterns that may be negatively
impacting your business. Co-design a culture roadmap with
your people to engage them on the change journey.

Realignment & Change

Future-proof your business’ longevity
by evolving your operating model and
structure for maximum effectiveness.

Capability Building

Increase capability in your leadership cohort by shifting
mindsets and fast-tracking development for optimal
organisational performance through group coaching and
development programs. Learn how to engage your Millennial
and Generation Z employees in their personal evolution. 

Enhancing People & Culture Team Capability –
Employee Experience

Optimise engagement and productivity by seeing the world through the
eyes of your employees and treating them like valued customers. 

Rebecca’s extensive international business experience means she brings a broad and insightful perspective to the table.

About Rebecca

Life at the top in business is a double-edged sword – there are both opportunities and also obstacles.  Rebecca has experienced these highs and the lows herself as a previous Executive and senior leader. She considers herself an ‘old Millennial’ having been promoted to senior roles at a young age. She has worked, and consulted, across numerous sectors including finance, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), engineering, utilities, government, not-for-profit, higher education, rail and industrial gas.

Now the Founder and Director of Thriving People Consulting, Rebecca is sharing her lived experience to help others. She applies her Psychology background to help leaders and organisations be more agile and shift their mindsets to flourish through uncertainty. She has won various awards for the innovative work she has delivered with her teams including an Australian national award for Flexible Working in 2018. 

Rebecca is also a popular keynote speaker and has been invited to speak at national and international conferences. Her specialist topics include the importance of mind-set shifts, self-awareness and self-care to thrive in life, how to engage multiple generations in the workplace and how to apply employee experience principles to enact change. On a more personal note, Rebecca can also reflect on her journey to recovery as a breast cancer survivor and how we can all look for learnings when presented with major life challenges. She has developed her own surviving to thriving mind-set model to support leaders through adversity. Rebecca also participates regularly in podcasts, live stream sessions and panel discussions.

When Rebecca isn’t activating individual and organisational change, she can be found hiking in the Adelaide Hills or enjoying a daily dose of yoga and meditation to maintain her balanced best.

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