Rise to your leadership potential by identifying the personal barriers that may be preventing you from playing big.

Learn how to decipher the behaviour of others to better own your impact.

Are you an Executive or Senior Leader who wants to...

Unleash your ability to drive positive individual or organisational change?

Enhance your working relationships with your team, peers, or stakeholders?

Increase your self-efficacy by reducing your negative internal dialogue?

Shift your internal stories that hold you back from being your authentic self?

Elevate your strategic contribution by empowering your teams to focus on delivery?

Better focus on your wellbeing to increase your energy levels?

Rebecca can design a bespoke coaching program to help you step into greatness. As a former People and Culture Executive and senior leader, Rebecca understands the opportunities and obstacles of life at the top in business.

Rebecca knows what it’s like to lead teams, build capacity, be agile and implement change effectively to drive success. With more than 16 years national and international experience, across numerous sectors, Rebecca is now sharing her lived experience to help you. She is an experienced and accredited international Executive coach who is energised by partnering with senior leaders to enable them to improve their self-regulation to increase their effectiveness and wellbeing.

Coaching Style

With a background in Psychology, Rebecca can help you to see yourself and others differently to evolve your view of your current challenges and opportunities.

Learn how to decipher your own mindset and behaviours to better own your influence on others. Rebecca can also help you develop the skills to better interpret your colleagues’ behaviours and optimise your collaboration style. 

By capitalising on your strengths, Rebecca will give you the tools to adapt your energy levels to increase agility and support your wellbeing. Applying the latest research in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) and Neuropsychology, Rebecca can offer guidance on the personal practices to adopt to enhance your mental and physical resilience and help you thrive.

Coaching Method

As a former Executive and senior leader, Rebecca knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Rebecca is empathic and authentic. She is also commercial, direct and results focused.

Rebecca’s coaching approach involves:

  1. Meeting you for a free chemistry session to establish rapport and best fit.
  2. A strengths psychometric assessment and a 360 review from a select group of key peers, direct reports and stakeholders to seek feedback on how you are currently applying your strengths at work (conducted via 1:1 interviews).
  3. An initial three-way review with you and your internal coaching sponsor (e.g. your manager) to set your coaching goals and define measures of success. Then at the end of the program to revisit and assess goal attainment and discuss your key learnings overall.
  4. 10-12 hours of one-on-one coaching over six months, plus in-between sessions Rebecca will help you identify ‘missions’ to maintain your focus and momentum between catch-ups.

Women Who Thrive Group Coaching Program

Rebecca has designed a bespoke group coaching program for senior women called ‘Women Who Thrive’. It is based on her own experiences of being a female leader and the common areas she coaches senior women around.

I cannot thank Rebecca enough for the coaching support and guidance given to me. I came to Rebecca in a time where my confidence was significantly compressed and my enjoyment at work was at an all-time low, I wasn’t sure if coaching would be able to pull me out of the rut I was in. However Rebecca’s style and method was extremely effective, helping me to refocus my energies be confident and content in myself, and guided me to discover things about myself that has enabled me to find joy again in the work that I do.

– Executive Manager (Non-for-profit sector)

I really enjoyed working with Rebecca! The coaching process provided me with the opportunity to explore my thought processes and behavioural patterns, then change my internal dialogue, creating space for me to become a more confident and effective senior leader. The insights and challenges Rebecca provided supported a journey in which the original goals and challenges I had set for myself evolved, making the process a much more introspective personal evolution. She has led me to create a much more cohesive vision of myself and helped me see the value I bring to the workplace both now and in the future.

– Senior leader (Non-for-profit sector)

I was starting a new senior role with a company and was keen to start with my best foot forward, Bec was recommended to me through a friend. Over the last year her coaching and support has made a significant difference in my approach at work; the practical counsel has enabled me to turn around some challenging situations and relationships at work. The approach Bec takes is grounded in her deep understanding of human behaviour and I leave our sessions with not just a clear set of practical actions to help me in achieving my next goal, but also a deeper insight into myself that goes beyond the surface issues. I feel Bec has equipped me with some valuable tools & habits to deal with future situations. I can't thank her enough for the difference she has made, as I navigate the next phase of my career. I am grateful to have Bec as a coach in my corner that I can reach out to here when I need extra support for the next challenge that comes my way.

– Senior leader (Private sector)

Rebecca coached me to understand how to access greater potential in my professional and personal life through an improved growth mindset. Her gentle yet insightful enquiry during our coaching sessions assisted me to understand limiting patterns in my thinking and behaviour. Working on them with Rebecca, has increased my effectiveness and influence in the workplace and helped me to become a better senior leader. Rebecca’s ability to build rapport, provide a safe coaching environment and useful resources ensured that each session was helpful and effective. As an academic in a senior leadership position, I have grown so much from Rebecca’s influence and advice.

– Senior leader (Higher education sector)

Rebecca’s coaching style supported me to identify my goals and held me accountable to follow through on the related actions. In our sessions, we delved into my deeper limiting beliefs to unlock my potential and improve my self-confidence overall. Throughout the program I have grown professionally and personally, and I highly recommend Rebecca!

– Executive (Government)

Rebecca is a master of the simple question well asked at the right time. Her coaching has prompted me to think more deeply about my leadership style and pay attention to what really matters.

– Senior leader (Non-for-profit sector)

I really enjoyed working with Rebecca as a coach as she helped me increase my self-awareness and self-efficacy. It felt like a partnership where we were working together towards a common goal. I especially valued the strengths-based approach she utilised in all aspects of the coaching. She shared many insights and pragmatic actions which helped me improve various challenging situations I faced.

– Director (Higher Education sector)

Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

Who does Rebecca coach and around what focus areas?

Rebecca partners with Executives, senior leaders, or high potential senior leaders on a range of individual, or organisational specific leadership goals. Some coaching objectives may include leading effective cultural change, increasing your impact and influence upwards, across and downwards, building a stronger sense of self and your strengths, effectively managing stress and burnout, and other focus areas. She also coaches senior leaders to who are looking to transition into a new leadership position in another organisation by supporting them pre, during and after the interview process.

Does Rebecca undertake senior leadership coaching programs for a cohort?

Yes Rebecca can undertake a coaching program for a cohort of senior leaders at once. This typically involves running 360 interviews for ½ a day per leader to understand how their manager / senior stakeholders / peers / direct reports and other people are experiencing them. It also includes the leader undertaking a Strengths and/or personality psychometric assessment, a debrief session to support the creation of a development program and subsequent coaching sessions.

As a coachee, what mindset do I need to
bring to enhance my coaching experience?

To understand yourself better to evolve as a leader, it is important to remain curious about the feedback you receive around your leadership style. Knowing how other people experience you is key. Learning how to better dial your strengths up and down, as required, prevents you from operating in overdrive which can negatively impact your effectiveness and wellbeing. Rebecca will create a safe space so you are supported to process feedback constructively and can experiment with new ways of thinking, and working, to help you evolve your leadership style.

What are Rebecca’s Coaching Accreditations?

BA Psychology (Hons.) – Flinders University

Masters in Coaching Psychology (currently studying) – University of Sydney

Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) – Certified Organisational Coach.

Institute of Coaching & Consulting Psychology (ICCP) – Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching

Accredited Strengthscope and Psychological Safety Coach

Rebecca walks the talk and takes her ongoing professional development seriously. As an accredited coach, Rebecca also takes part in monthly supervision and peer review sessions to ensure she provides the best coaching experience for her clients.