Engage audiences at your next event with valuable insights on overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities in the new world of work.

Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.

– DH Lawrence

Invite Rebecca to speak & engage with your people

If you are an event planner, you will know choosing the right guest speaker for your next conference or event is one of the most important decisions you will make. Rebecca naturally brings her passion and insight to audiences. 

As a former Executive with more than 16 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors in Australia and overseas, Rebecca is a sought after keynote speaker. She is invited to speak at both national and global events on a variety of topics. Rebecca’s lived experience, and background in Psychology, means she has an acute understanding of the complex people dynamics that underpin workplaces. All of her talks reference the relevant neuropsychology to enable leaders to better decipher their own cognitive and behavioural tendencies, as well as those of others. Rebecca is also a regular contributor on podcasts, live stream sessions and panel discussions across a range of areas. Read below to learn more about the common topics she speaks about. Rebecca can tailor her talks around a specific request, or context – just ask!

Keynote speaking topics

1. How to thrive through change

  • Making changes in our life can be terrifying, challenging and tiring. Change can create chaos by throwing our life into a state of flux and we often must wait in a transition period for the newness to transpire.
  • Rebecca outlines why so many of us are tempted to stay in our comfort zone, why change is important, how to be true to ourselves and how to manage other people’s reactions to us evolving.
  • She shares her own story of being a chronic ‘change enforcer’, how she learnt to stop controlling the shifts around her and how she thrives through change now.
  • This inspiring talk will help your people understand their change tendency and equip them with practical tips on how to increase their zest for life.

2. How to move through adversity

  • Help equip your people to become more resilient by learning how to shift from a surviving to thriving mind-set.
  • We have all experienced challenges and adversity in life, especially in the last 2 years. It can be easy to get stuck in survival mode and not know how to make changes to help ourselves.
  • In this talk, hear the 6 mind-set shifts that people can put into practice to help them flourish in life. They are based on the surviving to thriving model developed by Rebecca after she had breast cancer. She will share how she used this challenging experience to learn more about herself and reset her life.
  • People will leave with practical tips on how to shift their thinking and behaviour to thrive in life.

3. How to increase our self-awareness – why knowing ourselves matters

  • If self-awareness is such a critical leadership trait, then why do so many people lack it?
  • This talk will equip your leaders to better understand the 4 enemies of self-awareness – blame, lack of curiosity, rigidity and acting on autopilot.
  • They will also understand the cognitive processes that impede self-awareness and gather advice on how to reduce their influence.
  • Rebecca balances funny stories with neuroscience to get the core of this critical topic and your leaders will leave with practical tips.

4. How to lead & engage different generations within the workplace

  • When Rebecca was an Executive and senior leader, she was deemed the ‘generational whisper’ helping people of all ages collaborate better together.
  • As a self-described ‘old millennial’ she now she shares the common traps leaders fall into when working with people from different generations.
  • She outlines common traits each generation hold to explain why they might value specific aspects at work. She highlights traits of Millennial / Generation Zs that can be misinterpreted and helps leaders reframe their judgements about these two cohorts.
  • People will leave with practical tips on how to effectively lead different ages using employee experience (EX) principles.

5. How to reset critical work relationships & stop Groundhog Day

  • We all have people at work that irritate us, who press our buttons and who we might consistently respond to unhelpfully. It is easy to get locked into cognitive and behavioural patterns that do not serve us, are hard to break and reduce our influence.
  • Rebecca will help ignite curiosity in your leaders to dig deeper to understand what they can do differently to reset important work relationships.
  • Leaders will learn the science behind why we feel like we cannot control our feelings and actions with specific people at times, then use it to develop a more helpful way to respond in the future. Leaders will take away practical tips to apply.

We were so blessed to have Rebecca join our community to speak on the importance of navigating conflict in the workplace. Rebecca supported our audience to reflect on their vulnerabilities and was able to provide them with actionable, relatable tips on how best to explore conflict with others. She assisted us in how to uncover our ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and look for our solution cycle, instead of focusing on blaming the other person and getting stuck in the current state. We loved having her join us, and she provided such fantastic advice and direction. Thank you so much Rebecca!

– The She Mentors team 

Rebecca was a keynote speaker at an event we held for HR senior leaders. The feedback from attendees was that she was an incredibly engaging speaker, very knowledgeable and relatable. Her presentation was interactive and the insight Rebecca provided on the topic was extremely valuable to our clients.

– Director (Recruitment consultancy)

Rebecca was an excellent speaker at our conference, where the audience members were HR senior leaders and professionals. Rebecca’s passion for leadership, as the key cultural driver, is undeniable and she delivered her presentation in an engaging, authentic manner. The content she delivered was balanced, incorporating her wealth of knowledge and contemporary research with a practical, solutions focused approach that was further supported by a real-life case study. Her experience in supporting organisational cultural change using employee experience principles was clear.

– People & Culture Executive (Conference organiser)