Identify the strengths of your organisation’s culture and any dysfunctional behavioural patterns that may be negatively impeding change. Co-create a cultural roadmap
with your people.

Organisational culture is like the wind – it is intangible. Its effects, however, can be felt across a business. If it is blowing against you, it makes driving change challenging. If it is blowing your way, it can enable evolution.

– Rebecca Christianson

Assess, decipher,
co-create & beyond

Using her background in Psychology, Rebecca conducts culture and capability assessments by interviewing your senior leaders and employees one-on-one as well as running focus groups. Rebecca’s sense of curiosity, coupled with her excellent listening skills, means she has the ability to decipher the current culture, the appetite for change and how current organisational change efforts are progressing.

Rebecca then partners with Executive team members, senior leaders and employees to co-create your People and Culture priorities that are then detailed in a bespoke strategy for your organisation.  The strategy also outlines where cultural mindset shifts are required, the areas where leadership capability needs to be developed for growth and provides a strategic roadmap for purposeful change. 

Rebecca has the skill to hold a mirror up to your organisation and identify the strengths of the current culture as well as any dysfunctional behavioural patterns that may be negatively impacting the business. If you are an Executive team member seeking a deeper understanding of your organisation’s culture, and are committed to genuine co-design with their people, contact Rebecca for a confidential discussion.

When organisational
change can go wrong…

Many Executive team members know that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ and leaders often find it hard to work out why their change efforts are not producing the results they wanted. The most common obstacle to successfully implementing change in an organisation is culture. Culture is hard to define: it has many layers and is hard to track over time.

Where senior leaders often go wrong is by trying to drive cultural change using a ‘top down’ approach. This does not work. Another reason cultural change can fail is because senior leaders don’t define the culture required to successfully deliver the organisation’s strategy. They may not have a clear ‘north star’ and a roadmap for the journey forward. They also may not honestly acknowledge the current state and challenges faced by the organisation. Or they may underestimate the impact of deeply embedded, dysfunctional behavioural patterns that exist across the organisation.

When organisational
change is done well…

If you are a senior leader, you have the ability to change your culture. The first step is to understand the current culture that exists within your organisation. The next step is to invite your employees to help co-design how you want your workplace culture to operate and, together, create the roadmap that will get you there. This process may mean re-defining your organisation’s values and behaviours first but this depends on where your organisation is placed on its People and Culture journey.


Rebecca takes a psychological approach to cultural diagnostics and applies it with Siohban McHale’s contemporary Culture MAPP (McHale, 2020) model.

Whilst assessing your organisation’s current culture and capability, Rebecca can also co-design the future culture of your organisation with employees by applying employee experience (EX) principles and adopting a ‘design thinking’ approach. 

Using a combination of one-on-one interviews, focus groups and a tailored online Cultural Verification Survey, Rebecca can engage all of your employees in designing the change efforts needed to evolve your culture for the future and help your organisation grow and flourish.


Culture and capability assessments provide
valuable insights to Executive teams and
senior leaders because they reveal what
employees think about the organisation’s
current state and where the challenges exist.

They also enable understanding of the barriers
that are impeding any past or current change
efforts. These insights can empower Executive
teams to truly understand the layers of
culture that exist within their organisation and
what is important to prioritise in the future to
support news ways of working.

When Rebecca has assessed your organisation, she will provide you with: 

  • A bespoke People and Culture strategy outlining
    organisational priority areas for the next two years
  • Two to three cultural mindset shifts
    to build a culture roadmap around
  • A draft cultural roadmap (or a
    framework to design your in-house)
  • Observations on the dysfunctional behavioural patterns
    impeding cultural change and overall leadership capability
  • Professional development focus
    to build leadership capacity

Reasons to choose
Thriving People

Many Culture and Capability assessments provide a surface level understanding of the current culture using generic, online diagnostic tools. Rebecca undertakes bespoke cultural mapping that goes below the surface and understands the co-created behavioural patterns that are barriers to change. 

Rebecca also co-designs future culture roadmaps with employees using employee experience principles which increases the likelihood of change efforts succeeding in the future. Rebecca can partner with your Executive team and employees to co-create new organisational values and behaviours as a part of your change efforts if required. 

When your Culture and Capability Assessment has been completed, Rebecca provide future support, design and deliver leadership development programs, undertake Executive Coaching or help increase the capability of your People and Culture team.