We help leaders love life at the top of business.

Through executive coaching, leadership programs, keynote speaking and strategic people and culture management consulting, Thriving People helps leaders, teams and organisations develop the right mindset and capability to thrive in the future of work.

Are you an executive senior leader who wants to...

Enhance overall leadership capability to increase your organisation’s effectiveness?

Gain a deeper understanding of your leadership team's culture and drive change?

Enhance your impact and effectiveness with your team, peers or stakeholders?

Realign and restructure your organisation?

Increase your wellbeing and self-efficacy through adapting your self-talk and habits?

Elevate your strategic contribution and empower your team to focus on delivery?

Then you’re in the right place.

We partner with your Executive and senior leadership team to create a roadmap for purposeful change within your organisation. Experts in team culture and capability assessments, leadership development, Millennial / Gen Z engagement and organisational transformation, we co-create bespoke people-focused solutions that help increase business agility and performance. We design tailored leadership coaching programs to help you step into greatness and thrive through the opportunities and obstacles you experience.

Thriving People offers:

Discover how understanding and evolving your team culture, leadership capability and structure is the key to implementing effective change, organisational performance and increasing employee engagement. We are trusted advisors to Executive teams to enable meaningful transformation.

Executive Coaching can unleash your ability, enhance relationships and maximise your effectiveness and wellbeing at work. We support you to better decipher other people’s behaviour and manage your mind-set to own the impact you have on others.

Rebecca has shared her insights with global teams on how to increase your self-awareness, the power of shifting your unhelpful thinking patterns, effectively navigating adversity and engaging Millennials / Gen Zs. She blends psychology research, her own corporate experience and practical tips in her keynotes.

Meet Rebecca

While other kids listened to Madonna growing up, Rebecca was plugged in to thought leaders like Dr Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson. She turned that early positive thinking into a global career as an executive coach, leadership facilitator, keynote speaker and management consultant. Now, as founder of Thriving People Consulting, she uses an evidence-based approach grounded in psychology research and lived corporate experience to help leaders love the opportunities and obstacles of life at the top of business.

Armed with curiosity and an ability to deeply connect she spun a 15-year international career in people and culture. Working with hundreds of leaders globally has taught her that they yearn to be their authentic self, rather than hiding behind a corporate facade. They get lost in the stress and pressure of being at the top. High functioning anxiety drives many to chase the next role, more impact, more money. Rebecca has lived experience of this herself. She gave up a high-flying corporate life in 2020 to launch Thriving People Consulting and loves the meaning and tangible results of what she does.

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