We are insightful, strategic, creative and outcomes focused. We like to get below the surface to understand the current state then map out positive, purposeful change with you.

Mission statement – we help leaders love life at the top of business. We are energised by stretching leaders to the edge of their thinking to support mindset and behavioural shifts.

We know what it is like to be consumed with the balancing act of managing day-to-day business challenges whilst also delivering against strategic objectives. When we are caught in this cycle it is easy to miss what is changing around us. Scanning our external world and workforce for potential business opportunities, or threats requires a certain degree of bandwidth. We want to be that fresh pair of eyes that enable you to decipher what is taking place and what you focus your attention on. We can support you to prioritise your people and culture initiatives, which then enables evolution. We want to lift your leaders and organisation to adapt and flourish because of the obstacles, not despite of.

We apply the following six principles when collaborating with our clients:


Be curious to get beneath the
surface to understand
what is really taking place to better
understand the status quo.


Have the courage to ask the
challenging questions to understand
the current state & hold the mirror
up with positive intent.

Customer Led

Design with the customer
in mind to increase the
employee experience.


Design tailored solutions to meet
the unique people needs of the
organisation. As every individual, or
business is different, we do not take
a one-size-fits all approach.

Data & Heart Driven

Balance the science of
psychology & making evidence
based decisions with intuition
to support people to thrive.


Work together to design
unique people solutions, or
drive personal change to
enable people to flourish.

I consulted Rebecca at the early planning stages of our Leadership Development Program and was immediately keen to work together as a result of her strong focus on employee experience principles. Rebecca expertly led us through how to engage the workforce in defining their own learning journey and sculpted this into two bespoke leadership programs designed by the workforce, endorsed by the executive team and measurable in terms of impact. Delivering key components of the program, Rebecca has become a valuable extension of the team; recognised as a trusted coach and mentor for team members and the executive alike.

– Head of People & Culture (Private sector)

I cannot thank Rebecca enough for the coaching support and guidance given to me. I came to Rebecca in a time where my confidence was significantly compressed and my enjoyment at work was at an all-time low, I wasn’t sure if coaching would be able to pull me out of the rut I was in. However Rebecca’s style and method was extremely effective, helping me to refocus my energies be confident and content in myself, and guided me to discover things about myself that has enabled me to find joy again in the work that I do.

– Executive Manager (Non-for-profit sector)

We were so blessed to have Rebecca join our community to speak on the importance of navigating conflict in the workplace. Rebecca supported our audience to reflect on their vulnerabilities and was able to provide them with actionable, relatable tips on how best to explore conflict with others. She assisted us in how to uncover our ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and look for our solution cycle, instead of focusing on blaming the other person and getting stuck in the current state. We loved having her join us, and she provided such fantastic advice and direction. Thank you so much Rebecca!

– The She Mentors team

Rebecca was an excellent speaker at our conference, where the audience members were HR senior leaders and professionals. Rebecca’s passion for leadership, as the key cultural driver, is undeniable and she delivered her presentation in an engaging, authentic manner. The content she delivered was balanced, incorporating her wealth of knowledge and contemporary research with a practical, solutions focused approach that was further supported by a real-life case study. Her experience in supporting organisational cultural change using employee experience principles was clear.

– People & Culture Executive (Conference organiser)

I was starting a new senior role with a company and was keen to start with my best foot forward, Bec was recommended to me through a friend. Over the last year her coaching and support has made a significant difference in my approach at work; the practical counsel has enabled me to turn around some challenging situations and relationships at work. The approach Bec takes is grounded in her deep understanding of human behaviour and I leave our sessions with not just a clear set of practical actions to help me in achieving my next goal, but also a deeper insight into myself that goes beyond the surface issues. I feel Bec has equipped me with some valuable tools & habits to deal with future situations. I can't thank her enough for the difference she has made, as I navigate the next phase of my career. I am grateful to have Bec as a coach in my corner that I can reach out to here when I need extra support for the next challenge that comes my way.

– Senior leader (Private sector)

Rebecca is a master of the simple question well asked at the right time. Her coaching has prompted me to think more deeply about my leadership style and pay attention to what really matters.

– Senior leader (Non-for-profit sector)

I really enjoyed working with Rebecca as a coach as she helped me increase my self-awareness and self-efficacy. It felt like a partnership where we were working together towards a common goal. I especially valued the strengths-based approach she utilised in all aspects of the coaching. She shared many insights and pragmatic actions which helped me improve various challenging situations I faced.

– Director (Higher Education sector)

Rebecca coached me to understand how to access greater potential in my professional and personal life through an improved growth mindset. Her gentle yet insightful enquiry during our coaching sessions assisted me to understand limiting patterns in my thinking and behaviour. Working on them with Rebecca, has increased my effectiveness and influence in the workplace and helped me to become a better senior leader. Rebecca’s ability to build rapport, provide a safe coaching environment and useful resources ensured that each session was helpful and effective. As an academic in a senior leadership position, I have grown so much from Rebecca’s influence and advice.

– Senior leader (Higher education sector)

I really enjoyed working with Rebecca! The coaching process provided me with the opportunity to explore my thought processes and behavioural patterns, then change my internal dialogue, creating space for me to become a more confident and effective senior leader. The insights and challenges Rebecca provided supported a journey in which the original goals and challenges I had set for myself evolved, making the process a much more introspective personal evolution. She has led me to create a much more cohesive vision of myself and helped me see the value I bring to the workplace both now and in the future.

– Senior leader (Non-for-profit sector)

Rebecca’s coaching style supported me to identify my goals and held me accountable to follow through on the related actions. In our sessions, we delved into my deeper limiting beliefs to unlock my potential and improve my self-confidence overall. Throughout the program I have grown professionally and personally, and I highly recommend Rebecca!

– Executive (Government)

Rebecca was a keynote speaker at an event we held for HR senior leaders. The feedback from attendees was that she was an incredibly engaging speaker, very knowledgeable and relatable. Her presentation was interactive and the insight Rebecca provided on the topic was extremely valuable to our clients.

– Director (Recruitment consultancy)