Group Coaching

Women Who Thrive Program

Connect, share and evolve with other senior women.

Are you an Executive or Senior Leader who...

Has always wanted to work with an Executive coach?

Is energised by learning and sharing experiences with a small group of trusted women?

Would like to create and maintain a strong network of senior women outside of your profession and sector?

Group coaching combines the benefits gained from leadership development programs (peer connection & support, specific content focus areas) and Executive coaching (setting bespoke learning goals, gaining feedback & challenge from an experienced coach over time). Bringing 6-8 women together in a small group facilitated by an executive coach is a powerful learning experience. It creates enough air space to enable deep reflection, challenge, and growth. Group coaching allows for deeper vulnerability which leads to greater internal growth.

Rebecca has been a senior leader and Executive herself so understands life at the top as a female. She is also an experienced Executive coach and facilitator, and has a Psychology background. More than half of her coaching clients are women, therefore she knows the common internal and external challenges they face when in senior positions. She has designed this bespoke group coaching program to address and support women to play big in the workplace on the topics that really matter and have the greatest impact. Benefit from the Neuropsychology, cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC), strengths-based and mindfulness techniques applied throughout the program.

The learning experience

For $4,995 + GST per senior leader you can experience:

By the numbers


female leaders from a variety of sectors


group sessions


1:1 sessions with Rebecca


peer coaching sessions

Group coaching session topics

1. How our mind-set and strengths show up.

Increase your self-awareness through focusing on your mind-set, curiosity and strengths. Undertake a Strengthscope360 psychometric assessment to seek feedback to understand how other people experience you. Identify your strengths in overdrive which highlight performance risks.

2. The stories we tell ourselves.

Identify your helpful and unhelpful internal narratives. Reframe the stories you tell yourself that get in the way and contribute to you not showing up as you would like to. Understand what presses your buttons at work, how to reframe your thinking and choose to think, then act differently. Learn techniques on how to dial down rumination and self-criticism.

3. Being our authentic self and using our voice.

Focus on building a stronger sense of self. Become clearer on where you often play small. Consider how you can release the need to be liked and please others. Identify your values as your ‘north star’ to guide your leadership style. Give yourself permission to be your true self in both words and actions – embrace vulnerability and increase psychological safety around you.

4. How to protect our wellbeing.

Get better at saying ‘no’ and giving yourself the permission to set boundaries with others at work. Identify guardrails to put into place to protect your wellbeing – implementing self-care practices that work.

5. Increasing our influencing bandwidth.

Focus on effectively managing the executive / senior leader dynamic and conflict by increasing your repertoire of influencing practices. Reset unhelpful relationship dynamics at work to increase your impact.

6. Candid conversations.

Explore your comfort with discomfort and your level of conflict debt with others. Up your game in how you approach candid conversations to shift unhelpful dynamics with others.

Group coaching creates a cohort of women who are all supporting each other to make changes at once to increase their self-awareness, focus, influence, effectiveness and wellbeing.

This program also cultivates a strong group of peers to support leaders to sustain long-term behavioural change after the program has finished. Each open program only has two places per sector and profession, thus creating a diverse group of women who can challenge and learn from each other.

Other elements of the program:

  • The group coaching sessions are delivered virtually for ease of access for the senior leaders across Australia.
  • Pre-work enables the group coaching sessions to be focused on making meaning on the topic, personal connection, sharing learnings together and identifying tailored actions to support both cognitive and behavioural change.
  • Post work enables leaders to put into practice what they have learnt from the sessions via targeted workplace missions.
  • Peer coaching between the group sessions also supports further learning and connection to take place.

Program registration

Register for the next program being run in Australia, or UK/EMEA. We can also deliver this internally to your organisation. Contact us to find out more.